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Waterstone: La goccia scava la pietra



Waterstone: La goccia scava la pietra

Solo Exhibition by Katerina Lanfranco

American Italian Heritage Museum


Waterstone: La goccia scava la pietra, is an exhibition that features a series of paintings that explore nature through the lens of how insects such as bees and butterflies see flowers through the ultralight spectrum, combined with designs featuring geometric symmetry reflecting the beauty of geometry found in the natural world. Other paintings and sculptures, in the show, are allegorical landscapes that explore the concept of nature and the self as cultural constructs. A central theme in my work is the intersection of art, science, and fantasy. The title, Waterstone, references a life-long commitment to honing my skills as an artist. The sub-title, La goccia scava la pietra, translates loosely to "The water drop that breaks the stone" and reflects the creative process and how continued exploration in consistent and incremental steps can lead to artistic breakthroughs. My Italian ancestors were artists and farmers, and so the artistic exploration of nature and landscape comes organically and feels perfect for a show at the museum.


Exhibitions dates:

April 4th - May 31, 2024

Artist Reception Saturday, May 11, 2024: 1 PM


Gallery programming:


Saturday, April 20: 1 PM

Culture and Creativity. Lecture on being an American Italian artist in NYC.


Saturday, May 4: 1 PM

Searching for Heaven: Giovanni Lanfranco. Lecture on High Baroque painting


Saturday, May 25: 1 PM

Natura e Arte: Nature in Italian Art. Lecture and hands-on workshop.


American Italian Heritage Museum

1227 Central Ave

Albany, NY 12205

Ultraviolet Blossoms 8, 2024. Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 12 x 9”

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