Mystic Geometry Statement

Mystic Geometry explores geometry found in nature, mathematics, and spiritual designs. Collectively it represents a culmination of five years of studio inquiry into how nature, science, and mythology can be woven together into visual forms to express the abundant force of the natural world. The larger 72x72” (platonic solid portraits/nature elements) oil paintings have layered compositional spaces and include several cultural, historical, and natural references. The mid-sized paintings form my Vision Quest series. They combine the craft and physicality of my mixed media work into the world of painting.


My work has always dealt with ideas around nature, science, and fantasy. I am drawn to artistic territory that borders on the ineffable - experiences that are often beyond words. The grandness of nature compels me to delve into its deep mysteries. I love the symmetrical balance and compositional harmony that occurs naturally, as well as mathematically derived structures. There is a type of magic in expressions of geometric beauty that can equally be man-made through mathematical equations and in structures found in nature. Radial symmetry structures are used by both Eastern and Western religions to express mystical spirituality, such as in the case of mandalas, church stained glass window, dream catchers, labyrinths and so on.


The new use of text in my paintings comes from my years of teaching and using the dry erase, chalkboards, and large pieces of butcher paper to draw out ideas and concepts for my art students, resulting in coexisting images and text. Initially the text in these compositions was supposed to stay in my sketchbook. These words were a way to reference the specific components of each painting, that I researched extensively and wanted to keep track of. Together the parts formed an interconnected cycle of chroma, time, season, music notes, and mystical notations that related to the various elements such as earth, air, water, and fire - between the different paintings. I wanted viewers to understand and have access to information that may have otherwise become lost or too difficult to discern.


I made these paintings as meditations on the natural world that is complex and harmonious. I wanted to create a holistic view of the world, existence, and to present the potential grounding energies of these elements through these works. To recognize the cycle of life, death, and regeneration, to see beyond the present moment. I hope that people who see these paintings also open up to the grandness of life through nature.