Talk to the Moon - Artist Statement - Katerina Lanfranco


My studio practice pulls diaristic narrative elements through themes of Nature, abstracting and externalizing my lived experience through natural metaphors. My work has developed out of an investigation of natural phenomenon, marveling at the depths of known geographies of outer space and deep sea, expansive symbolic forests, transformative fires, the wonders of nature both untouched and human engineered, and the elegance of mathematical structures in the natural world. This body of work represents the first time that the focused lens has turned inward into the body and into the mind. In the past couple of years, I have witnessed and felt a general resurgence of an attack on the feminine principle. Whether it be against Mother Earth, in politics, or towards female power in general, it is palpable. Sparking women’s protests and marches, the defense is real. In response, I felt compelled to create images of female power and prowess.


I am looking inward now. I am trying to understand how we communicate through energetic exchanges. Looking at the patterns and rhythms in our involuntary nervous system that are invisible to the eye, but understandable through science. I grew up surrounded from during a visit to Rome many years ago while researching my ancestral heritage, I was captivated by Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne sculpture at the Galleria Borghese. I was in awe by how Daphne’s body transformed into a Laurel tree to seek refuge from the aggressive pursuit of Apollo, and to find strength in nature. We sometimes forget that we are also animals, and that we are an extension of the beautiful designs found in nature, that I find so inspiring. A primary belief in Buddhism is that everything is interconnected. Through deeper scientific research such as in the area of morphogenetic fields, this concept of interconnectivity becomes more than just a philosophy or feeling. Through language and culture, we have separated ourselves into individual beings. Our understanding of the mind is incomplete and there are conflicting ideas as to where our minds actually exist. The brain contains some of our mental processes, but not all of them, so being able to really know where consciousness exists continues to challenge our sense of self-sovereignty. This body of work is about the nature of the body, and how through an exploration of our natural systems, subconscious, and shadow sides we can come to a deeper understanding of the human experience so that we are more active agents in our lives. My goal is to create artworks that reveal the complexity of the feminine principle, and that celebrate the nature that exists inside and throughout our beings - for both men and women with ornamental Indian art and lived in India as a teenager, this experience filters into the new work. Another influence come


Exhibition Description


Entering the gallery, the viewer will encounter a large series of intimate portraits. Each layered, dense and introspective. There will be a large mixed media work on paper of a figure sitting cross-legged with aligned chakra elements. Hung on a clothesline, are the 26 alliteration poems that swim in the subconscious for imagery that is illusory and concretely constrained by linguistic rules of the alphabet. The viewer will move through a space where the walls and floor are activated with site-specific mixed-media wall painting and drawings. There will also be a hybrid photograph painting portrait. And small silhouetted paper collage portraits welcome a reflection on subject transformation and strength.


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